What makes us different?

First and foremost is the fact that we actually LOVE what we do.  Simply put, that drives the quality standards as well as the personalized service and respect that our clientele have come to expect from us.  Every photo that you purchase will be professionally shot and retouched, personally, by me, Jon Williams.  Secondly, we have this crazy idea that our customer should know precisely what services and items they are purchasing, their value, and when they can expect to receive them right from the beginning!  Every client is initially presented with a professionally prepared contract that will protect both parties in the unlikely event that it should ever be needed.  We NEVER pressure a client to purchase anything beyond the items they wish to purchase.  Our business model is built upon your repeat business and your referrals.  Thirdly, we believe that you should only have to pay for your photos once!  What?!  We include free printing rights and your own password protected internet site to you and your family with every pose that you purchase from us.  If you put that all together, Grandma Millie, who happens to live in California, can download her grand daughter’s senior photos and print them in California.  No more shipping photos!  The fourth item is something that way too many businesses seemingly just don’t even try to provide.  Communication!   Our clients always understand that we are here to answer any questions or concerns that may arise.  A typical response time from us is usually within the hour!  When all is said and done, it simply comes down to one word.  Integrity

Who are we?

J.R. Williams Photography is a full service portrait photography business located in Liberty Township, Ohio.  We work with you to help make sure you look your absolute best.  We specialize in senior / graduation portrait sessions, modeling / talent portfolios, family sessions, and head shots for business, talent, etc.  In addition, we also work with teams to produce great looking group shots and individual packages.  Certainly we would like to discuss any light commercial needs that your business may have as well.  We can provide prints anywhere from wallets to four foot by eight foot banners.  Also available are gallery wrap canvases and custom framing services.  All of our professional printing and framing is done locally by trusted sources that we have years of experience working with.  We pride ourselves in being a business of integrity, where your experience and complete satisfaction are paramount.  Give us a shot, so together we can get THE shot.  J.R. Williams Photography located in Liberty Twp. Ohio.    

About me

I have had a passion for photography all the way back to my late teens, after finding an old Pentax SLR and a flash unit in a closet.  I began, as many do, shooting friends and family.  Everything was still film based at that point, but the tides were beginning to turn.  Then when I met my wife of 20 years, I  began to try out new techniques and shooting scenarios with her.  That's where I learned what worked and what what didn't, and how to manage difficult shooting scenarios, etc.  Now, of course, everything is digital, which makes it so much more fun and really opens up seemingly impossible opportunities.  Whether it's an amazing senior photo shoot, a professional head shot, a family shoot, or an edgy "outside the box" shoot, the great thing is that it's all still magic to me.  It's still exciting to shoot a client and see their face light up when they see the finished product.  I hope that magic never fades away.


About you

Have you always wanted to step in front of the camera, but are uneasy about what's involved?  Are you someone who is completely comfortable in front of the lens?  Either way, we believe that photography should be a fun and adventurous experience.  There is nothing scary here, no high pressure, and no sky high pricing that leaves you guessing.  Feel free to check out our pricing pages.  If you'll take a moment to shoot us an email, I'm happy to send detailed pricing for the type of shoot you are considering.  Are you a new or aspiring model looking to start or add variety to your portfolio?  Are you a family looking for the perfect portrait to hang on your wall?  My beautiful wife Jill and I would love to work with you on your next project.  I am currently booking outdoor and studio sessions for senior portrait sessions, professional headshots, talent headshots, model portfolios, maternity, engagement, sports and business teams, etc .  Additionally, we also shoot light commercial work.  If you need a little something extra for your business, we can help with that also!  We look forward to working with you to produce the photos that you will be proud to show off and cherish for many years to come.